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  • Anchor Kids Club

    Anchor Kids Club focuses on Five Pillars of Health for Kids: Fitness Nutrition Seeds2Snacks Mindfulness Sport/Activity This club aims to empower kids with the life skills needed to be the strong, healthy and successful leaders of the future. Students receive a copy of "Way of the Warrior Kid" and sections of the book are included in course curriculum. Participants will take part in physical activity each day so come to class ready to be active and have fun! Participants will also take part in educational discussions each day and be challenged with taking on some leadership responsibility within the class. (Example: Participants may be challenged to learn a new exercise or game at home and lead at the next class date.) Anchor Kids lead the way. Instructor: Anchor Kids
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    April Fools' Magiclass

    Professional magician Lee Cole will teach participants how to entertain and amaze friends, family, and classmates with magic that can be done anywhere, at any time, and for years to come. All magic supplies provided. Instructor: Lee Cole
  • Beginning Guitar

    Guitar classes follow our basic components: Teach it!.. Players will learn the basics of music including reading music, rhythm, melody and meter. Practice It!.. Students will be provided musical exercises to reinforce basic concepts. Play It!.. Players will learn basic songs in various styles and there will be a mini-recital at the end of the session. Parent invited to attend. Let the music play! Students must provide their own guitar. Please supply your child with a six-string guitar. Call (800) 959-9261 if you would like recommendations for purchasing a guitar. Remind your child to bring guitar to each class. Students who bring electric guitars should also bring their own amplifier. Instructor: Youth Enrichment League
  • Chess (Spring)

    The Spring 2024 session of Chess builds on skills learned in the Fall and Winter sessions and focuses on intermediate and advanced chess concepts. Participants should have some chess experience before enrolling in this session. Learn, practice and play chess each class. Students will participate in new chess lessons and puzzles each week as well as guided games and in-class tournaments. Class fee includes membership for the session. Instructor: Youth Enrichment League
  • Crafty Kids Class

    Participants will explore different artistic mediums and express creativity through exciting craft projects! This workshop is designed to inspire participants' imagination and foster a love for art. Participants will learn valuable skills, gain confidence, and develop a unique artistic style through hands-on projects! *Please notice that there are two pricing options for the 'Crafty Kids Classes'. $85 for ONE spring break class, $130 for BOTH spring break classes Participants that register for ONE class on 3/12 OR 3/14 should select the $85 per class rate. Participants that register for class on BOTH 3/12 AND 3/14 should select the $65 per class rate for BOTH classes ($130 total). If you select the $65 rate and only register for one class, you will be charged an additional $20 before the class starts. The multi-class discount does not apply to the Feb 20 Crafty Kids Class. Instructor: JennyAnn Designs & Workshops
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    Intro to Sewing

    Make the most of no school by learning a new skill in Intro to Sewing! Sewing develops fine motor skills, improves focus and concentration and teaches the importance of patience and self control. Participants will practice creativity, increase skills, achieve goals, and challenge comfort zones while exploring the art of sewing. All materials and equipment provided. Students will learn and practice fundamental sewing skills while learning to safely use sewing tools and equipment. Then complete 3 projects - including a Johnston Dragon themed project! Students will need to pack a lunch and bring a water bottle. Instructor: The Art of Sewing Academy Location: The Art of Sewing Academy, 3407 70th Street, Urbandale, IA 50322
  • Intro to Sourdough

    Come enjoy a class where students will make a sourdough starter and put together a batter for a rustic sourdough loaf! All consumable supplies for this class are provided, including a glass jar for the starter and instructions for feeding. Participants will prepare a rustic loaf in class using the instructor's starter to take home to enjoy! Supplies participants will need to provide: Large glass bowl to transport dough home (bring to class) Dutch oven (leave this at home to bake in) Instructor: Meagan Belieu (Summit Middle School, Family & Consumer Science Teacher)
  • Kids Create: Axolotl Art Camp

    Join Miss Elizabeth for this fun Squishmallow themed art camp. Participants create an acrylic, Axolotl Squishmallow board painting, play games, enjoy snacks, and learn to draw these cute squishies. If time allows, we will turn our favorite Squishmallows into a polymer clay figure and create shrink Squishmallow backpack clips. Expect your child to create, learn, and play throughout this 2-day camp! They'll have a great time and go home with artworks they treasure. Please send your student with a peanut free sack lunch both days. No-spill water bottles are helpful. Instructor: Kids Create Owner- Elizabeth Lyons
  • Robotics: Rescue 'Bots

    A panda bear is trapped in a ravine! Build a robot helicopter to rescue it and then learn skills to create a floodgate, earthquake machine, or a helpful robot to better society. Learn coding and building to make a difference. {YEL!}’s Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® classroom method emphasizes 21st Century Learning skills like STEM, teamwork, and problem solving. Instructor: Youth Enrichment League
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    Speed Puzzling

    "Speed puzzling" is an exciting way for students to work problem-solving skills and teamwork while competing to complete puzzles! Students will work on puzzling in teams, pairs and individually. As students' skills increase, so will the puzzle-piece count! There will be opportunities to race other teams on who can complete the same puzzle the fastest! Instructor: JCE
  • ZAPPING the ACT Seminar

    Zapping the ACT Seminar prepares students for the ACT college admission test. Participants gain valuable insight into the ACT through a close examination of each type of question. This seminar teaches students strategies necessary for answering specific question types as well as general test taking tips. It also provides suggestions for post seminar test preparation. Each participant will receive four practice tests, divided into 20-minute workouts written to ACT specifications as well as a detailed preparation study guide. Students should bring a calculator and a pencil. Students will have the opportunity to break for lunch. Students can either bring a lunch with them or will have time to go get lunch. Instructor: Doorway to College Foundation