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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I change my contract type mid-year through a season?

    Once you have selected a contract type, you will have that for the entire season (school year and summer are two separate seasons). If changes are needed, contact the KTC office to see options, if any.

  • Can I get copies of my year-end statement for tax purposes?

    All invoices after May 28, 2015 (start of new software) can be accessed and downloaded from your Eleyo (formerly Fee Pay) account. They are located under Account Management on your Kids Connection Account.

  • Can I sign my child out during the day and return them to KTC?

    We understand that there may be a need to pick your child up for an appointment or other reason and then to return them to site.Each time you will need to sign your child out and sign them back in.Please discuss this prior with the site supervisor so that the children are not away from site on a fieldtrip when you return your child.

  • Can my child attend on a day not scheduled?

    Currently enrolled KTC children can attend on a day they are not currently enrolled if space is available. You would add this drop-in care online and the drop-in rate would be applied to your account.Your request would be pending and you will receive an email once approved.

  • Do I need to notify the site that my child will not be attending?

    If your child will not be attending the program because of a scheduled appointment, vacations, or other planned absence, please notify the site supervisor.

  • Does my child need a Summer Kids Connection T-shirt?

    Children must wear their Kids Connection t-shirts on all designated “t-shirt days”. If you have a t-shirt that matches the appropriate t-shirt being used in a particular season, you do not need to purchase a new shirt.If your child doesn’t have an appropriate KTC t-shirt, then a new one should be purchased.If a child arrives without their t-shirt, parents will need to bring one to the site or have the option of purchasing a new one for $8.

  • How do I change my child’s Kids Connection schedule?

    Changes to your schedule can be done online through your child’s Kids Connection account and depend upon the type of contract you have for the child. The scheduling calendar will be grayed out on dates that it is too late to make a change as far as deleting a day of care.You can add a day of care to your child’s schedule one-day prior and at the drop-in rate.

  • How do I contact someone with other questions?

    If there are other questions you would like answers to about the KTC program, please email You can also call the KTC Office at 252-8490.

    You can also check the help button for standard Eleyo information.

  • How do I register for Kids Connection?

    Registration is online.Prior to registering for Kids Connection, you must set up your family account in Eleyo ( you can begin to register for Kids Connection.

  • How do you handle vacations?

    During the summer, those with a consistent schedule contract will be allowed to take a one-week vacation and then be credited on their KTC account after the vacation week. A request for a vacation week will be allowed once per summer and a vacation request form must be completed and submitted to the KTC Office two weeks prior to the week wanting to take vacation.A vacation week is a maximum of five days that occur within the same week timeframe and cannot be broken into two different weeks. During the school year, two weeks of vacation are allowed with a consistent schedule contract. 

  • How does billing work?

    Billing is determined by the contract you have.Consistent schedule contracts are billed on a monthly basis and Pick Your Days contracts are billed on a weekly basis.If you do not attend on a scheduled day, you are still responsible for payment of that day.Payment is based on days reserved, not days used. Invoices are emailed and payment must be received by appropriate due date.Late payments will incur a late fee.

  • Is fee assistance available?

    Fee assistance is available for qualifying parents through the Department of Human Services (515-725-2600).There is some short-term financial assistance through Kids Connection as well.

  • Is Kids Connection in session on non-school days?

    Registration for all non-school days must be completed online at by the deadline. Non-school days are NOT part of your regular contract, they are separate and therefore must be registered for.Registration requests after the deadline will be accepted on a space available basis and will incur the drop-in fee. Any changes in a non-school day schedule must be made by the deadline.

  • Is there credit for illness or absence?

    There is no credit for an absence.You are paying for time reserved, as opposed to time used.If your child is hospitalized please notify the KTC office.

  • What if I am unable to pick up my child by 6:00 p.m.?

    If you believe you are going to be late picking up your child, make plans for someone listed as an authorized pick up person to get your child on time. In the event that your child is still at the program after closing and we have not heard from you, we will take the following steps (in order): 

    attempt to reach you at home and at work;
    call the people you listed as an emergency contact
    lastly if you are more than 60 minutes late, the police will be contacted for assistance. 

    A late fee is charged based upon the time showing on the iPad when the child is checked out and will be added to your account.

  • What is the security system regarding entrance to KTC sites?

    Each household will have a security code pin number provided to them.During KTC hours of operation, you or an authorized individual must use that pin number to enter your child’s site via the KTC exterior doors.The doors will remain locked.During the summer, sites will be adjusted so that pin numbers from parents will work at the summer site during summer hours.

  • What is the security system regarding parent/child pick-up?

    A parent or authorized individual must walk their child into the Kids Connection site and sign their child into the program every morning and sign out every afternoon. The authorized individual will find the child’s name on the iPad, select their name from a drop down list for that child and then sign the iPad using their finger. Staff is required to ask for identification from anyone unfamiliar attempting to pick up a child. If an unauthorized person attempts to pick up your child, you will be contacted. If you can’t be reached, your child will be held until you or your emergency contact person arrives. Please update individuals authorized to drop off/pick up online in your Eleyo account.

  • Will my child have a breakfast or snack at Kids Connection?

    Kids Connection serves a breakfast each morning and an afternoon snack. Breakfast and snack menus are posted on the Kids Connection webpage and at each site.

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