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  • Exploratory Beekeeping

    Are you interested in learning more about beekeeping? Maybe you are are trying to make a decision about whether or not you want to keep bees. This class is for prospective beekeepers. This 2-hour, one-time course will present an overview of a beekeeper's year regarding labor, costs, and seasonal considerations; city bee laws, activities that will support pollinators whether you are a beekeeper or not, as well as providing other informational resources for you to continue your learning. Come see what all the 'buzz' is about! Instructor: Julia McGuire
  • Fishing 101

    This class will prepare participants to get outside and enjoy spring fishing! Instructor Matt Baugh will present information about choosing the right rod/reel combo, types of fishing line, terminal tackle (hooks, weights, etc) and end the class with 3 rigs that always work no matter where you fish. Instructor: Matt Baugh