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  • Acrylic Painting Exploration

    Course Description Try out acrylic paint without the investment of supplies! Participants will paint an acrylic painting each day to take home. Instructor will guide participants through the acrylic painting process, keeping it simple and fun using beautiful colors. Logistics All materials provided. Instructor: Kathy Esch Kathy E. Esch, BFA, CA, has been teaching Community Education classes for 24 years. A skilled sign painter of 18 years and commercial artist, she turned to fine art and art education. Skilled in drawing pet portraits, painting with watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, favoring the natural world, especially trees.
  • Johnston Alumni Association Donation/Purchase

    Once a Dragon, Forever a Dragon The Johnston Alumni Association is committed to growing and maintaining the relationships between JCSD alumni and the school district. It also aims to build school pride among alumni and the community. Donations to the Johnston Alumni Association are used in one of two ways: To provide a $500 scholarship awarded annually to a graduating JCSD student who is the child of JCSD alumni To support Johnston Alumni Association events and outreach The Johnston Alumni Association is operated by the Community Education Department of the Johnston Community School District. It is not an independent 501(c)3 not for profit organization and donations are not tax deductible. You have a couple of different options to make a donation: Option 1: Select one of the predetermined donation amounts Option 2: If you would like to donate a different amount, please contact the Johnston Community Education office to set up a custom amount 515-278-0552 Thank you and Go Dragons!
  • Tennis Lessons: Adult Beginner Evening Classes

    Course Description Beginner tennis is geared towards learning tennis quickly. The focus is on basic understanding of all the strokes while implanting the stroke during play. Players will learn where to stand to start the point and recovery. By the 4th week, will be able to keep score and play a real tennis match. Logistics Bring racket Balls will be provided Instructor Iowa Tennis 4U
  • Tennis Lessons: Adult Intermediate Evening Classes

    Course Description Intermediate tennis is geared toward tennis players who have a basic understanding of the game. This is also for people who have played for at least a year. The focus will be on spins, grip changes, placement, and tactics. Logistics Bring racket Balls will be provided Instructor Iowa Tennis 4U
  • Tennis: Adult Open Play Night

    For Ages 18+. FREE Please take the time to register online for this program. The purpose of this registration: - JCE has your contact information so we can communicate any changes to open court dates/times. - Your emergency contact information is stored within our system just in case. - Tracks the interest easier.
  • Winter Beekeeping

    Course Description This class is for beekeepers with some experience. Topics are continually updated to include latest research on best practices and include fall mites, disease management, winter nutrition, evaluation, fall feeding, winter protection, emergency winter and spring feeding, and if there is time, a brief preview of Beekeeping 201, swarm management, spring flow, "supering", and making splits. This class is a mix of in-person and online. The first and final classes will be held in person (July 9 and July 30). The middle classes will be held online (July 16 and 23). After the 4 Winter Beekeeping pre-scheduled class dates, Julia will work with the class to schedule a hive inspection. Date, time, and location to be determined with class input. Logistics Instructor notes available for purchase (optional) Instructor will share link and instructions for online classes at the first in-person class on July 9. Instructor: Julia McGuire
  • Nenad Stojkovic (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Winter Beekeeping Notes (Optional)

    Winter Beekeeping Notes: If you would like to purchase the presentation content delivered by our Beekeeping instructor, this is your option to do that. The presentation slides will be emailed to you 48 hours prior to the start of the Beekeeping class by Johnston Community Education. The presentation consists of approximately 75 PowerPoint slides. You will receive the file in a fillable-PDF format so that you have the option to print the notes and bring them with you OR bring a laptop to class and take notes right on the slides. This presentation was created by our instructor, Julia McGuire, for the Beekeeping class. She hopes that the notes will be a great resource for participants after the class ends, but also requests that you not share the notes with others who have not taken the class.