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Beekeeping 101

Adult / Adult Courses -
Winter 2023

For people who are new to beekeeping or are experienced and are seeking an additional foundational learning. Basic beekeeping topics covered in the text book (First Lessons in Beekeeping by Delaplane) include: honey bee biology and ecology, bee hive siting and set-up and how to start, management for honey production, harvesting products of the hive/business, off-season management, and disorders/parasites/predators.

All students in Beekeeping 101 and 201 will receive a free copy of my Phenology Planner for Beekeepers.

Course includes classroom time plus on-site hive inspection. Date and time of inspection to be determined. 

Notes for this class are available to purchase, $13! Search "Beekeeping 101 Notes" to purchase the class notes the same way you would register for a class.

Instructor: Julia McGuire

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  Julia McGuire

Summit Middle School : Library
Tuesdays, Jan 24 - Feb 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

Price: $ 55 00

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